All appointments are charged at £45 and last between 45min and an hour.  Please make your payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Please ask me for my bank account details.  If this is your preferred method of payment, please transfer the fee before the treatment.

Acupuncture to turn Breech baby: £45.  This includes moxa for use at home for 10 days.

Please be aware that, regrettably, you will be invoiced for a fee of £25 for all missed appointments, or appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.


I run my clinic on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9.30am to 1.30pm.

Appointments for treatments supporting IVF cycles which are outside of these hours may be arranged in advance. If I am unable to see you, you will be referred to another of our fertility specialists here at the York Clinic.


One of my patients, Joy, wrote of her experience of treatment:

“Where else can you walk in close to tears and leave smiling from the inside?” 


“We tried to fall pregnant for 4 years before I tried acupuncture with Amanda.  In my second cycle after starting treatment I found I was pregnant!  We now have a beautiful baby boy and I’m convinced the pregnancy and birth were easier as a result of the ongoing acupuncture treatment I had. It helped in so many ways - I became 'me' again.  Things are so much better than they were this time last year and I suspect much of it is down to your diagnosis and treatment.  Your professionalism has been wonderful and much appreciated.  Thank you so so much."” Anne, York

Support through IVF

“After two failed attempts at IVF my husband and I decided to try the alternative route.  I could hardly believe the difference when the scan results came back – I had twice the viable embryos, and all were a better grade than during the previous attempts.  I’m now 13 weeks pregnant, and only just starting to believe it’s real.” Jean, York

Plantar Fasciitis

"Thank you for such wonderful care of me and my feet.  Your kind and skilful and intuitive care has enabled me to move from a place of almost constant discomfort to one of much greater ease and relief.  Your holistic approach has made such a difference to my everyday experience of being 'on my feet'.  For the first time in 3 years I feel that I may finally get this condition under control.  Thanks you again for your exceptional care." LP, York


"Just a short note to thank you so much for your help.  Through acupuncture I am now sleeping through the night, something I haven’t done for months, and feel so much more alive, with more energy. It has also helped with other problems and I will certainly keep up the treatment at intervals. Many thanks again."  Joan, York

Frozen Shoulder

“There’s been a miraculous improvement on my frozen shoulder – no more pain, the range of movement is back to normal and as a bonus, I’m sleeping through the night for the first time in years.” Nick, York

Painful Periods

“Once a month my life stopped completely as period pain made me take to my bed in agony.  For a 17 year old this felt like the end of the world.  My doctor kept prescribing me more and more tablets until I was taking six tablets every four hours.  This meant was so drugged that I was unable to function in my daily life. Acupuncture was my last resort - I was such a cynic - but after only one month of treatment my pain had receded to almost nothing.  I'm not afraid anymore and I guess Amanda had given me my life back - for that I will be eternally grateful" – Jenny, York

Heavy Periods, Knee Injury

"I originally came to see Amanda for painful and heavy periods, which were becoming increasingly debilitating. My first period after starting treatment was a complete contrast to what I had become accustomed to - no aching joints or tenderness, and I needed no painkillers. I then had a knee injury through running, and again Amanda located the problem and had it sorted. I didn't know anything about acupuncture but I'm enjoying learning that it’s not just pain and injury that can be treated, your energy level can be greatly increased." - Joy, York


"I have suffered from both headaches and really bad migraines for as long as I can remember. I had just one tuina session 6 weeks ago and have not have a single migraine since!  I can't understand it. Tuina is amazing!"  Jerica, Boroughbridge

Induction of Labour

“I booked acupuncture as I was advised to be induced early by the hospital. I was 40 weeks pregnant and wanted to try natural induction. Amanda spent a long time discussing my needs and made me feel incredibly relaxed during the whole process. The actual treatment was very relaxing and I felt very informed throughout. Not sure if it was the acupuncture - but my beautiful baby daughter was born 3 days later! I will certainly be going back to Amanda for regular acupuncture, especially for relaxation.” Eve, York

Wellbeing, Weightloss

“A year ago I had made significant changes to my work life balance. This was not without cost to my mental and physical wellbeing. My doctor had prescribed antidepressants to help me get back to ‘normal’.  I did not feel ill but I certainly did not feel 100%. I had no energy and little enthusiasm for anything.  This did not seem right as everything that I had planned and worked for was in place so why wasn't I enjoying life, feeling healthy and full of energy and verve?  As a desperate measure I decided to try acupuncture with some scepticism!  On my first session Amanda spent time listening to me and asking questions before starting my treatment.  From the first treatment I felt less tired and more energised, but I still had times of sluggishness.  Through Amanda I realised that the time was right to address my poor diet and eating habits and start losing the excess weight I had put on over the last few years when I had been at my lowest points.  Soon after I visited my doctor and discussed coming off antidepressants as I was feeling much stronger. He fully supported the path I had taken in trying acupuncture and was delighted that I was keen to come off my medication.  This was over 6 months ago and I have gone from strength to strength.  I have lost just under 3 stone and feel years younger.  I have much more energy and enthusiasm for life.  I see acupuncture as a way of keeping my body and mind healthy and in balance so that I can cope with everything that life throws at me and fully intend to continue with treatment whenever I feel the need.  Amanda has truly changed my life!”
Chris, York


I am a fully qualified practitioner of Traditional Acupuncture.  I obtained my degree from Oxford Brooks University through The College of Traditional Acupuncture (Leamington Spa) in 2004.  I achieved a ‘First’ for my dissertation researching the effect of Acupuncture on Essential Hypertension (high blood pressure).

I spent a year studying Tuina (Chinese medical massage) under Errol Lynch in York (www.tuinauk.com) and received my diploma in 2009.

I am a Founder member of the Acupuncture for Conception to Childbirth Team (ACT) Yorkshire, which launched in January 2012.   ACT Yorkshire is committed to supporting women through all stages of fertility preparation, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum. For more information please visit our website www.actyorkshire.org.uk

My first aim will always be to resolve the specific problem or condition you arrive with, and my ultimate aim is to help you discover what it means to feel well.

People often ask me how I got into acupuncture.  Really, there’s a long story and a short answer – for me, it is a vocation.  I searched for years for a missing ‘something’ that I found the day I walked in to the College of Traditional Acupuncture, Leamington Spa.  It wasn’t just acupuncture that I was called to, I had previously attended open days at other colleges, but it was specifically Five Element Acupuncture that blew me away (do ask to borrow a book if you’re interested in learning more!).  Whereas now I am used to the concept of Qi, at that time I felt I’d stepped onto platform nine and three quarters! In the years since that day, I have learned that Chinese Medicine is not magic.  It is a highly sophisticated system of traditional medicine that has stood the test of time for a very good reason – it works. 

My personal interests include:

  • Striving to be the best mother I can be to my two gorgeous young boys
  • A deep passion for yoga - I practice daily, and recommend it to all my patients!
  • ‘Walking’ the boys in wide open spaces - I love nature, and being in the elements
  • Ballet – I have always been moved by the elegant beauty of the dancers and the drama of the theatre