"He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skill of the physician." ~ Chinese proverb

How we nourish ourselves directly impacts our health – food has the power to prevent, resolve and cause disease.

The temperature, the preparation and the Five Flavours of food all have certain therapeutic or harmful effects on the various organ systems in our bodies.

  • The temperature of food is not about how physically hot it is, but whether it is innately hot, neutral or cool.  Think of a cool cucumber, and hot chilli.
  • The way it is prepared e.g. boiled, steamed, fried, roasted alters the innate temperature of the food.   A steamed apple will be warmer than a raw one, for example.
  • The five flavours are described as sweet, sour, pungent, salty and bitter.

These flavours complement and influence each other.  Balancing the flavours and eating in season will keep you healthy – in body and mind.

The Five Flavours
  • Sour foods such as lemon, granny smith apples and sour croute influence the Liver and correspond to Spring.  They are cooling, astringent and prevent leakage of body fluids, for example: excess sweating, diarrhoea or incontinence.
  • Bitter foods such as dandelion, camomile or romaine lettuce influence the Heart and correspond to Summer.  They clear heat, drain dampness and reduce inflammation and swelling.  They help to lower high blood pressure and are good during acute infections to reduce fever.
  • Sweet foods such as cherries, carrots, yams, beans and all sugars correspond to the Spleen and Late Summer.  They are tonifying, relaxing and ascending.  They are great for stress, tension and dryness.  We shouldn’t over eat sweet foods, but they are very good for depression and for people who are thin and need to gain weight.
  • Pungent or spicy foods such as ginger, cinnamon, garlic, cayenne pepper or rosemary influence the Lung and correspond to the Autumn season.  They stimulate the circulation, induce sweat and protect against the common cold.  Good for people with circulatory issues and those with a lot of mucous.
  • Salty foods such as seaweed, miso and Himalayan salt influence the Kidneys and correspond to the season of Winter.  They are descending, moistening, they soften hardness and detoxify the system.  They can be used for treating constipation, or swollen lymph nodes.

Having an understanding of the patterns of disharmony within the organ systems, coupled with an understanding of Chinese Food Energetics, I am able to advise you on which foods to eat and how best to prepare them as a means of helping bring your body back into balance. 

Even more valuable than advice on what to eat – is advice on how to eat.

I will discuss the impact of eating -

  • With Joy
  • With a Positive Attitude
  • In a state of relaxation
  • Without too much fluid with your meal
  • Without cooling the digestive fire


  • Chew Well
  • Stop just before you are full
  • Eat the main meal early
  • Choose foods with a strong life force
  • Trust your body, be mindful of cravings

Click here for a great resource on Chinese Dietary Therapy:


Your body, your biography:  Your body is a manifestation of every aspect of your life story, not just of "what you eat".

As you instinctively realise, there are no magic points which reduce your weight without some effort on your part, but I will use Acupuncture to keep you calm, balance your hormones, help you sleep and strengthen your metabolism.

Using the Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I will advise you on your diet and exercise habits. I will give you the support you need to keep motivated and keep losing weight!

In my experience, a body in balance with a good metabolism, balanced hormones, and a lightness of spirit will shift excess weight easily.


“Through Amanda I realised that the time was right to address my poor diet and eating habits and start losing the excess weight I had put on over the last few years.  6 months later I have lost just under 3 stone and feel years younger.  I have much more energy and enthusiasm for life.  I see acupuncture as a way of keeping my body and mind healthy and in balance so that I can cope with everything that life throws at me and fully intend to continue with treatment whenever I feel the need.  Amanda has truly changed my life!”
Chris, York